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New Applicants

We offer care for children aged 3 to 5 years*. Our fees are currently $1480. With the current government fee reduction initiative, parents pay $935 per month.

Kitsilano Area Child Care Society maintains a waiting list. Siblings of present and past students will have priority. We enroll new children on the basis of what is best for the group at the time. We strive to maintain a successful group by ensuring a balance of ages, gender and developmental needs. Whereas position on the waiting list is an important factor, it does not guarantee placement in our program. Please wait until your child is born to make a waitlist entry.

We are no longer accepting children born in 2021 on our waitlist.

To join our waiting list, please send an email to and include:

  •  Parent names, phone numbers, email addresses

  •  Child's name and birthdate (either MM/DD/YYYY or spelled out)


You will receive a confirmation email at the time your request is processed. Due to the high volume of requests, you may wait a few weeks. Thank you for your patience. Please do not call the centre.

*We are licensed for children 30 months to 5 years. We are only allowed TWO children under 3 years old at any one time.

Registration once a space is confirmed

Please contact us by phone or email at the time established in your confirmation email. We will not contact you.

If a family accepts a space, they must leave a refundable deposit of $600 to secure the space.

If a family decides to vacate the spot at any time before three months of attendance there is no return of the deposit.


After three months of attendance we require six weeks notice for withdrawal in order to receive the deposit.

Children who require extra support will be welcome in the program. In addition to the orientation with the family, an orientation will be arranged with any professionals providing support for the child at the centre.

New Admissions / Gradual Entry

Admission to Kitsilano Area Child Care Society begins with a three-day gradual entry. 


Day one: Parent drops the child off in the morning, comes to the daycare to have lunch together then parent and child leave.

Day two: Parent drops the child off in the morning, picks up the child after rest time.

Day three: Full day.

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