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Guidance Principles


Staff members employ guidance techniques based on the Ministry of Health booklet "Guiding Children's Behaviour". 


At KACCS we:

  • use clear communication

  • have clear guidelines and reasonable limits, i.e.:. "We walk inside" and "Chairs are for sitting on"

  • employ logical consequences, i.e.: "It looks like you want to run and climb. Let’s get you ready to go outside"

  • provide appropriate role modelling through actions and language

  • have realistic expectations based on knowledge of child development and individual temperament

  • provide an environment and program that are organized to promote successful outcomes

  • maintain an atmosphere that is nurturing, caring and positive.


  • Every child’s ideas and feelings will be respected and listened to.

  • No child will be subjected to harsh, belittling, degrading verbal, emotional or physical treatment.

  • No child will be humiliated, deprived of meals, rest or necessary use of the toilet.

  • No child will be physically restrained as a form of punishment or control.

  • No child will be kept from other children without adult supervision.


For further policy, please see our Parent Handbook

Governance & Parent Involvement

We are guided by an active Board Of Directors which consists of parents and is responsible for oversight of KACCS operations.  The Board members can be reached at  Parents are encouraged to volunteer their unique skills to the Board and to specific ongoing maintenance/improvement projects. 

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