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Kitsilano Area
Child Care

Serving families since 1976

Our mission at Kitsilano Area Child Care Society is to offer a safe, supportive, challenging and empowering environment for children 30 months to 5 years old. Our rich, play-based curriculum celebrates learning and promotes confidence and personal achievement. This will enable our children to become active, responsible, independent students preparing to contribute toward a just and caring society.

Unique Location - Unique Program

Our unique, nature-rich location in Kitsilano is just off the Arbutus Greenway  adjoining a lush community garden. With engaging learning materials, experienced staff, and large play spaces both inside and out, we strive to make every child's day special.


A board of community members founded Kitsilano Area Child Care Society in 1973 and the centre was opened in 1976. The goal was to create child care spaces in the city. Municipal, provincial, and federal offices supported the project financially. Since that time the staff members and a board of directors have worked hard to bring an exemplary program to the community. 

Our qualified educators implement learning opportunities throughout the day in which children are encouraged to take part. Kitsilano Area Child Care Society is a play-based centre that offers both child-led and structured activities to children, including circle time, yoga, music, sensory exploration, science, and art. Each child’s temperament, learning style and cultural background is taken into consideration when program planning.

Diverse Kindergarten


"As a parent, I enjoy the friendly, bright and open atmosphere of the facility, the dedication and caring ways of the staff and the curriculum that they provide. Their "pre-kinder" class was a great segue to kindergarten for my eldest daughter and my youngest son loves the friends he has made at the daycare. An all-around wonderful childcare facility!"  -- Michelle U.

"When I first walked into the Centre with our son, I thought, "wow, this place looks amazing." It was a great first impression. But just recently I met a university student who had gone to the Centre, and she spoke of her many fond memories. It was at that point that I realized first impressions are one thing, but this group was about building lasting impressions"  -- Nick C.

Children are our priority


  • Provide a safe, clean, healthy, nurturing, happy, respectful and loving environment for our children and their families.

  • Provide a first rate teaching staff, facility and curriculum in order to promote optimum physical, emotional, social, creative and cognitive development for our children.

  • Ensure that every child feels valued, supported, special, and confident.

  • Ensure that each child can work and play successfully both individually and as part of a group.

  • Ensure that every child has respect for themselves, others and the world around them.

  • Ensure that the children learn about discipline through clear guidelines, healthy role modeling, and logical consequences to arrive at the ultimate goals: self-discipline, effective problem solving, and empathy for others.

  • Maintain a working environment for staff which recognizes and respects their education, training, skills, experience and commitment to child care through respectful communication and personnel policies.

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